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♣ 05 March, 2009

so many things.
first of all. yes i finally have abit of time here (to go online)..
i sprained(or fractured?!) my foot.
yes. it's been a week since ive been, rather handicapped.
ok ok keep your cool.. it was a loooooong story to how it alllllll happened.
but let me just keep it short, yes?
i fell while dancing.
*looks right and left*
on MC for 4days, but yesterday was gatal and went to sch, and had dance,
and it got worst.
so i thought, maybe i should just dengar kata doctor to rest at home.
so spent the whole day today rawat-ing my foot with cellfood.
oh and why havent i been doing this!!
it's so muccccch better now, and yes, no more tempang(sangat)!
amazing how cellfood works.
the healing was berdenyut-ing of course.
like they say..'no pain, no gain.'
yeah, and i had a nasty emotional breakdown this week.
you know, syf is in a month's time.. harsh trainings here..
but, i can't dance with them for the mean time.
i just cant describe how i feel.
it's the horrible-est feeling, i swear.
and crying tersedu-sedan right infront of your own mother abt such matter,
is purely ugly, and hard to comeby.
amazing how dance is evidently crucial in my life.

yeah so, common test is over.
had a good start for the year, in preparation for the common test.
which....actually determines my fate; continue PU3 or down back to PU2.
i've put in all that i can, revision and consultations everyday til night.
studied hard and smart, i should say.
(only for physics and maths actually.sorry accounts.i need 2subj to pull me through this!)
well... frankly, i smell sweet fate coming around.
havent received the full results.
but i got A for Maths!
awaiting for Physics' grade next week!
oh and accounts.. haha. we'll talk abt that next time yea.

and in case you havent checked the memo..
tmr's a big day!
A'levels results are gonna be out at 2.30PM tmr!!!!
*grits teeth*
well actually it's "SOME Alevels results" for pre-U students.. as in for those who took H1s last year..
so i'll know how i faired for my economics and malay..
*snorts again*
exciting sangat kaan!

oh and we had a mini bday celebration for zahura, at botanical garden in January.
some pix?

and of course some must-meet-oready-got-too-many-things-to-update meetups with..
my all-time favourite lady!
Nur'ain Farah!
ohhh, what do i do without her!
and she has been patiently waiting for the day when common test was officially over.
sweet ahhh~ =)

updates about Mr BoThug.
He has lost 13 KILOGRAMS!
scary, but true!
and from Pes BP, he was moved up to Pes B!
so if you see him during the weekends,
let me warn you..
i repeat.
i know you would, coz you've always seen him as that BIG BO.
amazing ahh, i tell you first.
i'm just so proud of how great his self-drive is.
*recent pictures will be updated sooooooon nuff*

there's just so many things to look forward to!!
*bubbly eyes*
boy in camp is not that bad after all!!

Love, Suuu. 6:48:00 PM

♣ 27 January, 2009

We've planned. We've decided.
Year 2013, we'll make it there.
and insyAllah in 2014,
it'll be our grand official turn.

well, pursuing your career as a policeman is not that bad after all.
i'm always here to give you my thoughts and opinions.. and i know you always make the wise(r) decisions.

Love, Suuu. 12:05:00 AM

♣ 22 January, 2009

No more panadols,
no more medication,
no more doctors.

Only Cellfood does the game.
nope, it aint a drug.
it's a supplement.
that does miracles..
from curing cancers to coughs to cuts/rashes to body odours.

God has shown the true-est and pure-est rawatan,
for anything.
yup, anything, and everything.
how miraculous this harmless liquid is..

Come to me,
and i'll share with you all about it.
I wana help you, and your loved ones.
Just like you do.

Love, Suuu. 4:50:00 PM

♣ 18 January, 2009

So there you go.
The first week of school is over.
And just in a blink of an eye,
the new week is back.
nothing really interesting about school.
just that, i've got new tutors..
bigger class.
lesser friends...(retained/withdrew)
as sad as it is,
im gona make this year a fruitful one..
i need to finish up my A's!
big time.
and then, finally, no more school uniforms for the rest of my life!

weekends with bobo as of course.
friday night-dinner with his squadmates namely
Haiqel, Kai and Farhan(plus his gf),
near haji lane.
*forgot the name of the shop*
it was cool i should say,
i mean,
they're funny crazy nice ppl.
oh and i love it how he introduced me to them..
whispers: *i have a thing about him saying my name out loud*
Don't think dirty pls.
Just some cheap thrills,which i dont get everyday!
"Ahh. Ni Su-ailah.."
*grins from ear to ear*

saturday-it was all my treat.
we had a sumptuous meal at Thai Restaurant at Fareast.
lovely, simply lovely.
the kangkong! AHHH! FAVOURITE!
met the other couples for a bowling session.
bought sportshoe at shaw plaza and chilled around cityhall.
bought 4 boxes of coloured ctc lenses for just 56bux.
one of which was degree-less for him.
i really want him to start loving NATURAL-coloured contact lenses.
he used to hate them so much, and he even gave me that angry tone when i really wanted to get one for him.
but i didn't care less, i just asked one for him.
and gosh, it looks good on him =)
he know has maxified brown eyes.
im vaining him up!
and and i also bought him 2 cool tops.
'jangan sampai dia perm rambut sudahh!'
*looks at ain*
ahhahaha, and that's a whole different chapter!
saturday night-went bukit batok*school area*-.- to pass cellfood and such for Din..
who was my 1 year senior and so happened to be bo's bunkmate too.
another member in hand!! ;)

check out my JUG/BOTTLE.

sunday-HEALTHY-biscuits shopping at my area with him.
went over to his place, to help him with his homework..
his biography.
2 fullscap pages long w/o leaving lines.
yup, had fun writing!
such challenges in life!
oh and i got a inspirations at the carpark, where he and his guys bom and zi did their bikes.
siapa sempat.
he was only done changing to a very noisey-almost-GPR-like-pipe by 5+pm.
note: book-in time is 7.30pm
amazing how guys are so passionate of bikes yes?
yup, that's my weekends.

waiting for the long weekends this week!
*such addiction to dresses*

oh and notice the eyes.

Love, Suuu. 9:57:00 PM

the one that i truly truly miss.
school has been so different without you around, love.
and yes,
u surprised the shit out of me during MI's open house
when i was having my dance.
most definitely, it was sweet of you to come all the way up with Cg Z to find me..
you do not know how honoured i am having you as a friend Faj.

i miss those random malam-lepak moments with you.
i miss random romantic car rides and such with you.
i miss your ultimate crapness.
i miss your loud voice which i can hear from one end to the other.
i miss going school with you in that 6.35am empty tanah merah train.
oh and most definitely, i miss that whole red look of you around school.

if only we were closer back when you were still in school.
sigh sigh.
despite it all, i'm sure you're doing great working and earning money!
kachhiing! ;)

you know, i'm alway here there wherever for you.
you know my no.~

Love, Suuu. 9:12:00 PM

♣Received the Memo?♣